Best paper award:
Fault-tolerant Greedy Forest Routing for Complex Networks
Rein Houthooft (BE), Sahel Sahhaf (BE), Wouter Tavernier (BE), Filip De Turck (BE), Didier Colle (BE), Mario Pickavet (BE)
Region based Fault-tolerant Distributed File Storage System Design Under Budget Constraint
Anisha Mazumder (US), Arun Das (US), Chenyang Zhou (US), Arunabha Sen (US)
Extended versions of top papers of analytic/optimization orientation will be considered for publication in a special issue of Networks journal (Wiley).
RNDM has been established as a single-track workshop each time attracting world-class participants from both academia and industry working in the area of reliable networks design and modeling. RNDM 2014 follows the success of the first five events that took place in St. Petersburg (2009, 2012), Moscow (2010), Budapest (2011), and Almaty (2013) accordingly.
RNDM 2014 was organized by:
Jacek Rak
Gangxiang (Steven)
James P.G. Sterbenz
(General Chair)
Shen (Co-Chair)

RNDM 2014 was technically co-sponsored by:
- IEEE Spain Secion
- IEEE Communications Society (endorsed by TCCC)
- IFIP TC6 WG 6.10 (Photonic Networking Group)
- V.A. Trapeznikov
- Russia (Northwest) Section BT/CE/COM Joint Chapter.
After a detailed review process, including at least 4 completed reviews per each submitted paper (on average: 4.27 completed reviews per each paper), accepted papers were were organized into seven technical sessions.
Program of RNDM 2014 was enriched by two keynote talks, three invited presentations and a panel discussion.
Similar to all previous editions, also this year all papers were presented (0% of no-shows).

Similar to previous years, we would like to thank the authors for their high-quality papers. Our sincere thanks also go to the Technical Program Committee, and external reviewers for their great effort in distribution of call for papers, as well as the timely delivery of detailed reviews.

RNDM 2014 Chairs

Program of RNDM'14 is available here.

Important dates
Submission deadline:
Notification deadline:
July 26, 2014
September 18, 2014
October 5, 2014
November 10, 2014


2nd International Workshop on Understanding
the inter-play between sustainability, resilience,
and robustness in networks (USRR)

co-located with RNDM 2014
More information can be found here.
1st International Workshop on Survivable
Content-Oriented and Cloud-Ready Networking

co-located with RNDM 2014
More information can be found here.